Friday, July 1, 2011

Sport and Curly

These are my little brothers, Sport and Curly. They like to play together and have a good relationship with each other sometimes. They like to play with their favorite toys like Hot Wheel Cars. Or even the new spy cars from Cars 2 I gave Sport for his birthday.

And speaking of Cars 2, Sport and Curly are really excited to go see it this summer, they think that they want to play with cars that work like James Bond or some other secret agent.

They also like to see cool cars in real life like this monster truck I found and saw in our neighborhood. I can tell it's a monster truck, because there some flames on the front that work for a bumper and also, the tires look really bigger and taller. Sport and Curly sure like cars a lot, it's like restarting a life that works like becoming an epic guy.


  1. You are right! They sure love cars.

  2. I'd love to see Cars 2 in theaters before it comes out on Blu Ray. That would be really fun to see it before it comes out. And I love that Monster Truck.


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