Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Fitness Fair

Some years in our family, there used to be an activity at our church. It used to all happen in the summer that we did with our ward. The activity that we did with our ward was called the Family Fitness Fair. All we had to do is head to the church and get ready to take a walk around the block. We walked by South Jordan Middle School where my sisters Princess and Prima Donna go to for school, and we passed our neighborhood. Then we went past the light and then past Jordan Ridge Elementary School where my sister and brother, Crafty and Sport go to for school. And then we walk a bit and then we turn into a neighborhood where it has a park called Jordan Ridge Park. And then we walk all the way out of the neighborhood and then we head straight past Prospector Park and then by Bingham High School where I go to for school. And then we head back to the church where there is a carnival set up and tables full of breakfast food. Family Fitness Fair was a lot of fun in the summer, but then it was discontinued. I wish that we did again so that the whole family would try it.

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