Sunday, July 10, 2011

Idaho Temples and Fun

My family and I went to Idaho for an out-of-state trip from our summer list. We saw lots of exciting things there like these four LDS temples.

This one is called the Boise temple. We saw that in parts of Boise, when we saw an amazing Car Show Parade at the Capital City.

This one is called the Idaho Falls Temple. It was right by the snake river where there was a wonderful split in the river. That was when we realized that it was Idaho Falls. And those falls were for the part of the temple.

This one is called the Rexburg temple. This is the one that my sisters, Princess, and Prima Donna and I did baptisms for the dead. And in Rexburg we also visited our aunt and uncle Liola and Bill whom the rest of the siblings call, Daisy and Donald Duck. That's because Uncle Bill has the talent of doing the Donald Duck voice. That's really funny.

Anyway, this one is called the Twin Falls temple. We were at the city called Twin Falls where there was a waterfall right across a bridge and we saw that there were two waterfalls. That's where it got its name called Twin Falls.

Going to Idaho was the most exciting adventure than anyone has ever done, especially the part where we saw a Car Show Parade in Boise which that's Sport favorite thing in Idaho. We also loved that Messa Waterfall at the park in parts of Rexburg. Everything in Idaho was full of exciting things. I wish you want to see everything there is in Idaho. Hopefully you'll get to go to Idaho someday.

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  1. Dog-Walker, this is an excellent post about your trip. I enjoyed reading it very much. I live in Cape Breton,Nova Scotia during the summer. Can you find it on the map?


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