Thursday, March 22, 2012

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

I haven't talked much about merit badges that have to do with history, government, geography, or anything like that, so I thought that I talk about Citizenship in the Nation. It's about American Government. We talk about different kinds of governments, and we talk about the 27 amendments, the Bill of Rights, the Constituion, the House of Representatives, The Senate, all of that stuff that has to do with government.

I found lots of news articles that had to do with government, like the law about the price on gasoline, for example. Then I had to describe of what the Bill of Rights is. And you have to vote for President at the age of 18. Then you have to learn about what bills are and how you have to make them into laws. Then you have to talk about Communism, Socialism, and lots of other things that are about government.

A lot of things in this merit badge were awfully a lot of work. I know that's crazy, but if you live in America, you have to do exactly what they ask you to do, like go to meetings that have to do with the Constituion or Congress. A lot of things in common that have to do with government will become a successful thing in life to all citizens who live in this world.

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  1. Did you study about government in school, too? You found some great pictures to illustrate your post. I think more people should know more about how our government works. Have a great weekend!! ~karen


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