Monday, March 5, 2012

Dog Care Merit badge

image.jpg0216121624a.jpgThis is a merit badge I have earned a couple of years ago. It is the Dog Care merit badge. I know these are actual dogs, but they're not the ones I used for the merit badge. I just used them as an example on this. Dog Care is about how to take care of a dog in ways on how it can be trained and also talk about the different types of dogs. My Mom's not used to pets, but I needed a dog to earn the badge and I had her for the badge. I do walk dogs as a business. That's why I'm called Dog Walker. I'm kind of a dog magnet. The Dog Care merit badge was a fun merit badge. I'll tell you the next merit badge that was fun next time.


  1. I used to be a dog walker when I lived in my old neighborhood. :) I am a dog magnet too!

  2. A dog magnet, huh?? I'm a kid magnet :)

  3. Sandy, you crack me up!! ~karen


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