Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My little brother, Curly

This is my little brother, Curly. The reason why he's called Curly is because of his hairdo. My dad made his hairdo curly, so that he can be just like that maybe throughout his whole life. Curly was born on August 12, 2008. He has been growing up so fast. They are a lot of fun things about him sometimes. He like to play with Baby Doll. Then he loves to play with the older siblings like Sport, Scout, Crafty, Prima Donna, and Princess. He usually loves to play with Teach. A lot of those things make him a very much worth kid. Someday, he will be a worth adult. He loves this popular artist named Justin Bieber, just like I do. He loves his Baby song, because he loves the part where he goes "Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhhhh!" That's really fun, huh? Curly is always a grateful little boy when he gets what he wants and what he needs. If You like to, you can watch this video about it that Curly loves it.


That's what's so wonderful about Curly. He can be a good brother to Baby Doll and he can share with other siblings. Next time, I'll tell you about other things of what's so cool about.


  1. Well, now, it appears that Curly has it all!! You are so blessed that he's YOUR brother!!

  2. Stop by my blog today. I'm passing along a blogging award to you. Congrats!
    Love, Mom


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