Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music and Bugling Merit badges

This might seem a bit strange to tell you that I'm talking about two merit badges, but these are both kind of the same. The next badges I enjoyed were Music and Bugling. For the music badge, I had to learn about different groups of instruments and how they sound, and then I had to like go to lots of different musicals of how their musics work.

The Bugling merit badge was kind of fun. I played my trumpet in order to earn that badge. I've played the trumpet since 7th grade. The only two songs I like playing was Reville and Taps. The most popular songs in bugling. I even played those at my two special Court of Honors, My Eagle Court of Honor and my Final Court of Honor.

 This wasn't part of the Music badge, but I have this video about me being in the Bingham High School Marching Band. Our performance is called Sunrise to Sunset. If you would like to watch it, just click on the play button on the screen.

I've played the trumpet throughout almost my whole life. I've joined lots of bands in my life. I've joined Brass Band, Concert Band, Summer Band, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, and Marching Band. Lots of those things were just hard to breathe through the trumpet, because you have to like try not to breathe at a bar line. But I at least played the trumpet so that I could earn the Bugling merit  badge. I'm actually a troop bugler in the Boy Scout troop. Everything on the Music and Bugling merit badges have been so much fun, even though it was hard too. Until next time, I will tell you what the next fun badges are.


  1. Tell you mom the flags look great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. As I read about merit badges I was wondering to myself if you were LDS. Then I saw the BYU video. Right on. Go BYU!


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