Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cycling Merit Badge

I have the next merit badge to talk about that was really fun. It is the Cycling badge. I really enjoyed that badge, because it is good exercise and it is fun. I have a story to tell you of how I earned it. I cycled in the rain before. Read all about that here.

Right when I was 12 years old, my Mom asked me if I wanted to earn all the merit badges and I said yes, and then she told me at this time I had to learn how to ride a bike. I was complaining that I thought if I try to ride a bike, I would crash a lot of times and not keep balance. And I kept thinking I wouldn't have the experience to do so. With a little of practicing on balance, it was finally a miracle that I could ride a bike! Now for a little while I would get to ride for every mile I get. 

Since I've been riding a bike until my age, I have been riding for like 2 ten miles, 2 fifteens, and 2 twenties. I have been keeping myself hydrated with a bottle of water though. I've done all those  milers mostly at home at our blocks. Now all I had to do to earn the badge was that I had to do one more miler by going 50. That's a very long way to ride a bike that much, but I had to do it, by doing at the Miller's Sports Park in Toelle. First, I had to ask for donations on getting inside the track The track was really large. One lap equaled three miles. So my Mom said to get to 50 miles would take like 17 laps. It was exhausting, but by going two to three laps, I have to go to the pits and have a water break. I wore my Scout uniform to make all the people think I'm cool. I got two awards for the race. Then for celebration, we went to the movies to see Cars 2. That's how I passed off the Cycling merit badge by riding lots of miles on a bike. Until next time, I will tell you the next fun badge.

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