Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Up" Merit Badge

This is the next badge I passed off, which you may think it's not a merit badge at all, but I have seen the movie called "Up" My siblings really like that movie, it's the most hilarious movie that anyone could ever see.

I have a story to tell you on how I got this badge. There was the house in Herriman that has been built for Utah homes. It was that house that looked exactly like from the movie. We got to go see it. It was so amazing there. We even got to see what was inside the house. The inside was almost exactly like from the movie also. Our ward President was in charge of building these homes in Herriman. We looked all around the house and saw that everything was absolutely from the movie. We checked down in the basement, there was a projector room playing the Up movie. We saw some bedrooms down there that showed Toy Story toys and we went upstairs to the second floor. We saw a bunch of nice looking bedrooms. The master bedroom looked cool and we saw the bathroom inside the master bedroom. It showed a shower with two bits. One shower bit was on the wall, and the other was on the ceiling. That would be a cool one for tall people like me and my brother Gym Rat. Everything at the Up House was cool. If my sister, Drama Queen would ever afford it, she would've bought the Up house, but our President said that the investment is like $40,00,000. That's really an expensive house. But it was really fun to explore the "Up" House. I got that badge. Until next time, I will say what the next badge is. I am "Up" for that.

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