Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scouting Heritage Merit Badge

Robert Baden Powell
I have a next badge that I would like to talk about that was really fun. This might seem a bit strange, but I earned a badge that talks about Boy Scouts. Since this is Boy Scouts, I'm talking about all the merit badges I passed off from my special Court of Honor.

This is how I passed if off. I had to like learn about the history of how Boy Scouts became the most popular activity in the entire world. I learned about coolest man in the 19th century who invented the activity. His name was Robert Baden Powell. That was the most exciting thing to learn about how Boy Scouts became so popular. Then I had to learn about other fine men that joined the activity after Baden Powell became the King of Boy Scouts.

Kim's Game
Then another thing I had to do was to play a scout game with my family. It was called Kim's Game. All we had to do was fine lots of different supplies and set up a table cloth on the floor and use another table cloth to cover up. We had to study of what we saw of the supplies on top of the bottom and cloth. Then we had to cover them with a top cloth and we had to try to write what the supplies were on the bottom cloth. That game was really fun to play.

Then the last thing I had to do to pass this was to letter to the Scouting Museum back in Texas. It took like a lot of weeks for a respond of a letter back from that museum of what they said of what I told them about me as the Scout Star. This badge was the most fun one ever. Until next time, I will tell you the next badge.

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  1. I love this post about Scouting! What a great organization.


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