Sunday, October 9, 2011

Robotics Merit Badge


My own Robot Bug
The next badge I would like to tell you is the Robotics merit badge. It was a bit of a fun badge, because there were some hard things to talk about how robots can be easy for life.

 All I had to do to earn the badge was to learn about how robots work and I had to build one myself. Building one was not very easy, I had to look at instructions that look kind of confusing to make it look perfect, and then I had to program it. Programming it wasn't easy either. I had to some basic math on how many seconds it can do and change directions on how it can travel by its sensor. Math isn't my favorite subject.

Math isn't my favorite.
Volcano as Dangerous
Anyway, I liked writing about how robots can be useful on the Four D's. The Four D's are in four different categories that humans do not want to do or don't do well. They are Dangerous, Dirty, Dull, and Difficult. I tell you that there are dangerous situations that robots could do, like for example like a volcano can be dangerous to study when close to it, so a robot could perfectly to study volcanoes. There are others like deep space, miles below ocean surface, collapsed buildings and combats. But I can't tell you all of them, but those are the things about how robots can be useful.
Sewer as Dirty
Now there is dirty situations that robots can do, they can like inspect sewers, waste waters, pipelines, and store tanks. I could tell you that sewers are dirty for people, but not for robots. They can inspect sewers by themselves. People don't want to get all dirty wall being in the sewer. That's how we avoid getting all that toxic on us.
Painting a Car as Dull

Now there is dull situations that robots can also do. I could tell you that painting cars can be a bit boring, so a robot can do all that work so that no one would have to paint a car by hand. 

Mines as Difficult
And last but not least, is difficult situations that robots can do. Things like surgery, other require heavy lifting and strength beyond what people can do safely, like lifting huge amount of material in mines.

Robots used in Medicine
There are other useful things that robots can do, they can help with medicine. They are being designed to support doctors in all aspects of their work. They are being used to analyze test data and identify DNA defects much faster than in the past. That's how the future can be more successful with robots.

Even though that Robotics was a very hard badge, I still think it was really fun to learn all about their basic technology. Until next time, I would love to tell you what the next fun badge is.


  1. He forgot to tell you that he taped black electrical tape on our entry way floor in almost the shape of a body. Then he programmed the robot to walk around the shape of the tape. We got lots of questions when people came over, then he showed them the robot.

  2. Fascinating! I never thought much about robots and all that they could do! You learned a lot when you were preparing for this badge, plus you gave people visiting your home something to talk about!! Good for you! ~karen


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