Thursday, August 25, 2011

Band Camp

                Right before the week, school starts, I signed up to join Marching Band for my last year of high school. The first thing about marching band was Band Camp. Band camp is like a one week thing of rehersal to march and play the music. Band camp lasted from August 15 to August 23. But Saturdays and Sundays were skipped. At the beginning of camp days, we wake up and head to the school before eight o'clock and we go through our charts of where we should march. All of that was really hard to try to count while trying to play at the same time. And we have lunchbreak after beign out in the field. After lunch, we go back and go inside the school where we did sectionals of the instruments we play, like I'm with the trumpet section and my section leader is Tyler Nelson. Our Pregame show is with Bingham High School Football. And our Half-time and Competition show is Sunrise to Sunset. And then we have dinner and we head back onto the field and reherse some more until eight o'clock which ends the day of Band Camp.

               I'm glad that band camp is over, because that way I wouldn't have to stay at the school all day for twelve hours and  I still want to spend time with Baby Doll. I'll still have rehersals, but they're only three hours long for some days before a competition or a football game. And then for twelve weeks, we get to go on tour to California. We'll do lots of fun things in California and propbably do our performance there. School will start again on Monday. How exciting!

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  1. Sounds like band camp was fun, but hard work. I like learning new things. I'm glad you had the opportunity to attend. You are going to have so much fun this year at school.


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