Sunday, August 7, 2011

We are kids of Twelve

We are all the kids from Twelve Makes a Dozen. Mom had made her own Twelve Makes a Dozen blog. It talks everything about us. If you want to look at her blog, just click Mom's blog on the right side of my blog. I like to say who we kids are.

This is my first older sister, Bossy. She looks kind of like she graduated from high school, but she was born in 1984, and she is a wife with my brother-in-law, Gamer with her three sons, Bean Dip, Taco, and Burrito. She can be a bit bossy sometimes when Mom and Dad aren't around.
Gym Rat
This is my older brother, Gym Rat. He goes to the gym often when he feels like he needs to. He was born in 1987. This is the picture of him holding a baby who is really tiny. He really likes to work out and get lots of muscles like other guys could.
Drama Queen
This is my second older sister, Drama Queen. She is called that, because she likes to do theater things. She was born in 1989. I've seen her in her high school plays, like Oliver Twist. She still likes to do Shakespeare projects, even when she's only in Cedar City.
This is my third older sister, Teach. She was born in 1991. She is sometimes on her laptop trying to help Mom with her blog stuff. She can really teach others on how to do stuff that they sometimes struggle with. She can really teach a lot of people.
Dog Walker (me)

This is me as Dog Walker. I walk neighbors' dogs. I can be like a total Dog Magnet, but other things I do is Scouts, like I passed off the Robotics merit badge with this robot I made. I was also born in 1993 to figure out the diagnose of me when I got autism.

 This is my first younger sister, Princess. She was born in 1996. She likes to do ballet when she goes to ballet classes and rehearse for ballet shows, like Ballets in the park, or ballet stories, like Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, or Nutcracker. She can really act like a princess even in ballet clothes.

Prima Donna
 This is my second younger sister, Prima Donna. She was born in 1998. She likes to do ballet like Princess does. She can really do a lot of ballet twirls even when she keeps waiting for Pointe Shoes, but her own Pointe Shoes keep wearing out. But she can at least still do ballet.

 This is my third younger sister, Crafty. She was born in 2000. She likes to do crafts like making new baby dolls, draw pictures, or even help Mom cook. Like sometimes, she likes to ask Mom to bake some cookies with her, even on special occasions.


 This is my first younger brother, Sport. He was born in 2003. He likes to play sports, even when he feels like he wants to play. He used to play soccer and baseball. For now he's joining football, and I'm sure he'll love football, even when it's really hard at first.


 This is my fourth younger sister, Scout. She was born in 2005. She likes to do fun stuff, even when she wants to become a girl scout some day. She might look kind of like Scout Finch off of To Kill a Mockingbird. That would be a good play. That I, Dog Walker, could act the part of Atticus Finch. That might happen someday with me and Scout.

This is my second younger brother, Curly. He was born in 2008. He is called Curly, because of his hairdo. He actually likes to play with Sport, even though they fight sometimes when they are not getting along well.
Baby Doll
This is my fifth younger sister, Baby Doll. She was born in 2010. She is really adorable. She always thinks that I'm her favorite brother. Every time I come in the house from some places like school, or scout activities, she always appreciates me by smiling and trying to crawl to me. I even wrote a song about her during Christmas time, called Pink Christmas. It's really a cute song, you would like to hear it.

That's all of us twelve kids from Twelve Makes A Dozen. If you usually forget what are names are, I'll tell you again. Our names are, Bossy, Gym Rat, Drama Queen, Teach, Dog Walker (me), Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Sport, Scout, Curly, and Baby Doll. And remember, if you want to look at the Twelve Makes a Dozen blog, just click on the Mom's Blog square on the ride side of my blog, and then you'll love the actual stories about us.


  1. that's pretty cool dog walker!
    love your blog

  2. ha i love it, oh p.s. its j.j.

  3. What a nice family you have. Someone is really good at choosing the perfect name to go with each sibling's personality! Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back, when I posted about the big happy face ballon we picked up off the beach. That was very nice of you to visit and to leave a comment. Have fun with all of your sister's and brother's! ~karen


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