Thursday, August 11, 2011

JB and TS obsession

Didn't you know that some of us in the family have famous singer obsessions? Well, right when we listened to some music from famous singers, I started to think that there were lots of good songs by this country singer Taylor Swift (TS). She always reminded me of social dance class. With me listening to her songs lots of times, everyone in the family thought I was obsessed with Taylor Swift. I kind of am obsessed with her, because she has good songs that I could use to make my own dances.

As you can see, most of the sisters, Teach, Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Scout and Baby Doll are obsessed with this pop singer, Justin Bieber (JB). They are obsessed with Justin Bieber, because they all think he's the most epic guy that they want to date with. And he has a cool song called Baby, because it'd make our baby sister Baby Doll really happy.
I hope you liked my post about obsessions. What is your celebrity obsession? If you have one, that would be wonderful and cool. I even like Justin Bieber, even though I'm a man, but Justin Bieber is really cool and I like to make good dances with his amazing songs, like Never Say Never, Eenie Meenie, and Baby. I guess I'm obsessed with both TS and JB. Those two celebrities are really cool.


  1. I think i like taylor swift best than JB cuz taylor swift relates more to me and i understand her songs perfectly!

  2. I blog stalk this super cool guy named Dog Walker. I think he must be my celebrity obsession.

  3. I think I like the Baby song the best. :)


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