Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney Princess Project

I have lots to talk about of what I did in school. I had an algebra class whom our teacher has asked us to do a project on graphics and charts. She asked us to ask lots of people of what things they like and it shows of how many votes most people have. I have asked everyone about who their favorite Disney Princess is. Most people have said of who they like.

Some other people like Rapunzel from Tangled, because she's so hilarious and she is kind of a doctor princess, with her magic hair that can heal the sick and injured.

Some other people like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, because she's hilarious just like Rapunzel. She is a financial princess that she's been trying to get her dream restaurant, but ends up meeting Prince Naveen who was transformed into a frog.

Some others like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, because she's like the most coolest mermaid, who wishes to be a human and be with Prince Eric. She's called a Sea Princess that always wanted to see what it's like to be a human.

Some others like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, because she's the princess that didn't die from touching the spindle that Maleficent forced her to, to die, but she didn't. She was just put in a deep sleep.

Most of everyone likes Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she's the most intelligent princess who can teach the beast how to read and dance.

Hardly anybody likes Snow White. That's because she's an old princess back in the 1930s, but she's mostly a singing princess. She can sing beautifully when she needs to when making new friends and for cleaning the little dwarf cottage.

Some other people like Mulan, because she's a Chinese princess who wanted to protect her father from joining the war against the Huns, so she replace him and headed off to that camp with a hot man named Captain Shang.

Some other like Cinderella, because she can dance really modestly with Prince Charming on the dance floor. She's called a Maid Princess, because she's been grounded to her wicked stepmother's house for like all her life, and has been treated so badly for doing all the chores.

Some other people like Jasmine from Alladin, because she is like the most beautiful princess. She can be called a stubborn princess, because she was so stubborn about being forced to get married to someone whom she doesn't like, except for Alladin of course.


Some others like Pocahontas, because she can run really good without feeling so tired. She's also called a Native American Princess, because it's kind of like the actual story about how America exists.

I presented this project to my class and they all thought it was a wonderful project that anyone could ever think of with the charts, graphics, and other stuff. I hope that you like the way I said about each Princess's identity.


  1. Hey Nate! That's a sweet project!

    You should post one of your stories one time. I love to see what other people write since I write a lot, too.

    Can't wait to see you at band camp!

  2. Nice pics, Nate! Loved the project...Mulan is my favorite.


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