Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm too scared to see a movie

I know I haven't told anyone about my fears for my life. There has been lots of things that I was scared of. One of them was seeing the fireworks, but I started to be brave of fireworks when I was 12. There is one thing that I used to be scared of until I was like 13. I used to be scared of the movie theaters. Since we have seen Cars 2 on July 30, I wanted to tell everyone that I used to be scared of the movie theater, because it's so dark and the screen is big, I just wanted to get out of that scary-looking room full of chairs. Some of my younger siblings aren't scared of the movie theater, except for Baby Doll, because she's doesn't like the loud speakers or the bright screen, but when she gets bigger, she'll probably think it's not so bad.

I'm just saying about this, that all my life with all my fears, I started to just get used to those things for a while and then by that time, I'd think they wouldn't be so bad. Fireworks and Movie theaters are the number one top things that I used to be scared of. But I started to like those things when I turned 12 or 13. I know you think that's so silly, but sometimes I just get scared of things at first, but then after a while, they aren't bad anymore.

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  1. You were very brave to overcome your fear of fireworks and movie theaters. Fireworks are so very loud. I don't like 'loud', either. As a matter of fact, I don't like movie theaters, either, unless I can sit on the end so I can get up and leave whenever I need to.


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