Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mom likes Michael Caine

I have always been obsessed about seeing new Disney and Pixar movies. Ever since January, I kept telling Mom and everybody else about the new movie called Cars 2. It came out in theaters on like June 24. And I kept trying to tell Mom and Dad that we should see it in theaters before it comes out on Blu Ray, but Mom and Dad just weren't so sure if they could afford to buy tickets for the entire family to go see, until the day on July 30 that I went to the Charity Race at the Millar Sports Park in Tooele. That's where I rode my bike that I had to go about 50 miles to earn the Cycling Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. I did complete the 50 miler on my bike. It was so amazing to accomplish a goal like that during summer.

Right after I was done with the bike ride, we hurried to get ready to go see Cars 2 for a celebration. One of the voice actors was Michael Caine. My Mom likes Michael Caine a lot, because she thinks he's a great actor. We always have a tradition by watching The Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas time when she's around, because it has Michael Caine in it. It's the reason why I kept telling Mom that we should see Cars 2.

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  1. Who does Michael Caine play in Cars 2?

    Also, great job on your bike race! You must feel really good about that. How long did it take?


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