Monday, August 29, 2011

BYU Parodies

Didn't I ever tell you about these bizarre music videos? There kind of the parodies of a song turned to a hilarious song that people would like, much better than the songs being a bit inappropriate. As a matter of fact, these parody videos were made from songs like California Girls, Single Ladies, Halo, Firework, Party in the USA, Poker Face, and the Love Sac. As you can see, most of my sisters like Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Scout, and Teach like these parody videos, because they think they are the most hilarious videos that they could enjoy. I tell you that all of these videos were made here in Utah at a college campus called BYU. That's why I call this post, BYU Parodies. If you like to, you can watch these videos to see what your opinion is on thses videos.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Band Camp

                Right before the week, school starts, I signed up to join Marching Band for my last year of high school. The first thing about marching band was Band Camp. Band camp is like a one week thing of rehersal to march and play the music. Band camp lasted from August 15 to August 23. But Saturdays and Sundays were skipped. At the beginning of camp days, we wake up and head to the school before eight o'clock and we go through our charts of where we should march. All of that was really hard to try to count while trying to play at the same time. And we have lunchbreak after beign out in the field. After lunch, we go back and go inside the school where we did sectionals of the instruments we play, like I'm with the trumpet section and my section leader is Tyler Nelson. Our Pregame show is with Bingham High School Football. And our Half-time and Competition show is Sunrise to Sunset. And then we have dinner and we head back onto the field and reherse some more until eight o'clock which ends the day of Band Camp.

               I'm glad that band camp is over, because that way I wouldn't have to stay at the school all day for twelve hours and  I still want to spend time with Baby Doll. I'll still have rehersals, but they're only three hours long for some days before a competition or a football game. And then for twelve weeks, we get to go on tour to California. We'll do lots of fun things in California and propbably do our performance there. School will start again on Monday. How exciting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm too scared to see a movie

I know I haven't told anyone about my fears for my life. There has been lots of things that I was scared of. One of them was seeing the fireworks, but I started to be brave of fireworks when I was 12. There is one thing that I used to be scared of until I was like 13. I used to be scared of the movie theaters. Since we have seen Cars 2 on July 30, I wanted to tell everyone that I used to be scared of the movie theater, because it's so dark and the screen is big, I just wanted to get out of that scary-looking room full of chairs. Some of my younger siblings aren't scared of the movie theater, except for Baby Doll, because she's doesn't like the loud speakers or the bright screen, but when she gets bigger, she'll probably think it's not so bad.

I'm just saying about this, that all my life with all my fears, I started to just get used to those things for a while and then by that time, I'd think they wouldn't be so bad. Fireworks and Movie theaters are the number one top things that I used to be scared of. But I started to like those things when I turned 12 or 13. I know you think that's so silly, but sometimes I just get scared of things at first, but then after a while, they aren't bad anymore.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backpacking Trip

I wanted to finish up the rest of the Backpacking merit badge in Boy Scouts. I have done three fifteen milers for the badge, I just had to do a requirement that lasts a trip that would take five days, three campsites, and thirty miles. I started the trip on Tuesday, August 2, 2011. I walked five miles from my house to the church, and then by Bingham High School, than South Jordan Middle school, then Jordan Ridge Elementary School and then to Jordan Ridge Park. And then went to the church again and then headed back home. I set up the big tent in the backyard and then slept in it all night with my sisters, Princess and Prima Donna. Right in that night, it was a big thunderstorm that it kept us from sleeping outside that we wanted to head back in the house, but I had to stay outside while Mom told Teach to check out on us in the middle of the night to see if we were okay from the big storm.

We were at least okay the next morning. So the next day, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 I did another five miles, which it was while walking a neighbor's dog heading to the church and then I went to a combined activity that we did a hike somewhere close to Riverton, but it was kind of an easy hike without my pack. And that night, I slept out in the tent in the backyard agian with just my sister Prima Donna this time. The weather at that night was much more nice than the first night. Before I went to that combined activity, I had to do a service project in order to complete the requirement of the five day trip. The service was to pick up trash from two parks, Prospector and Jordan Ridge Park. It was very long and hard, but I managed to do it.

The next day, Thursday, August 4, 2011,  I went to a leader named Matt Russell's house and packed my backpack in his vehicle. Some of my friends, Paden, Garret, Kraten, Cody, Alex, Matt Butterfingers, and Josh came on the backpacking trip to a place in Wyoming called Red Castle. It was a long drive there, but when we got there, we started our hike to the Red Castle with our packs on. It took like six in a half hours to get there, because for me it's really hard to go there when it's mostly uphill. But we kept on going and made a couple of stops for rests and then we made it to our destination where there is a lake and a big mountain that looked like a Red Castle. That's where we set up tents and made a fire. We all went to bed that night. Those nights were really long and cold, and not comfortable to sleep on hard ground.

The next day, Friday, August 5, 2011, we woke up the next day and I had to do another hike for this fourth day of this backpacking trip for me. I had to walk a bit more for the 30 miler on this trip. Some of the group came with on the hike to a lake on the other side of Red Castle. It was a bit hard when it was uphill and I look at a map that shows of where we were going and then I ask if we are like almost to the destination and they say almost. I think every time they say almost, it's like we aren't almost there if we had to walk for like twenty minutes. We made it to that lake and we took pictures of us by the lake. Some of the group wanted to go much further but I had to go back to camp and set up my tent on a different spot to set up tent on three different campsites. Which it's third campsite I've went to for the requirement. I just need one more night and then we walk back to the parking lots first thing in the morning.

The last day, Saturday, August 6, 2011, it was the last time we get to hike back to the parking lot where we started. Paden, Garret and I were the first ones to leave the camp after we cleaned up. The hike was much shorter on the way back then on the way there. It took us like three hours to get back, but we never made a single stop on the way back to the vehicles when we were at least taking water while we were walking. All those hikes for Red Castle, I had to have something to suck on so I wouldn't pass out. I had been sucking on Jolly Ranchers to keep me from passing out. We couldn't make any stops, we all wanted to make it to the exit in no time before evening. We got to the parking lots by 12:25 to have lunch at the picnic table. We had to wait for the others to catch up from the long hike. It took like three hours to wait for them, but at least they made it back before we complained some more about heading home to take a shower. Thanks to Matt Russell, I have completed the hardest requirement of the badge by doing a five day trip with three campsites and go at least 30 miles. I actually went 33 miles for this, but that's okay, there's no limit to it, but you have to at least get to that number of miles. Hopefully I'll pass this 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Dance Lesson

Have you ever played Just Dance on Wii before? If you haven't, then I'll tell you what it's like and how you play. Just Dance is a really fun game that it really is exercisable and you might think it's better to exercise like that at home than just having such a big deal with gym class. I'll tell you of how it works. You hold a wiimote in your hand and then you pick any song that is on the game like Rasputin, for example. When you pick the song, it loads for a few seconds and then it goes to the screen of where the dance is going to be.

When you press start of the game, it'll show up the dancer you'll see. When the dancer starts to dance, you start to follow the moves that the dancer is making like looking at your reflection in a mirror. I'm sure if you think it sounds fun, maybe you'll want to try it and see if it's fun for you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Marching Band to Letterman's Jacket

This is the time of year I'm joining marching band for Bingham High School. I'm a senior for this year and Marching band is the opportunity to do something to support Bingham. I even get to earn a letterman's jacket for doing some kind of art by joining band in marching band, concert band, and jazz band. My older sisters, Bossy, Drama Queen, and Teach got their letterman's jackets when they were at Bingham. Bossy earned one for joining band like I am. Drama Queen earned one for joining theater, and Teach earned one for joining Color Guard. My older brother, Gym Rat didn't get a letterman's jacket, because he didn't join any art class to support Bingham, but he didn't care, so he joined working out at the gym after high school.

For me joining Marching Band, that would help me earn a letterman's jacket for my last year of high school. I just barely started camp for that and I'll be learning how to do our performances for this year called Sunrise to Suneset. I bet it will be much better than Medusa. I'm hoping that this year wouldn't be so bad. And in November during the season, we'll be on tour to California to go to Disneyland and Knots Berry Farm. I've been to Disneyland before, but I haven't been to Knots Berry Farm, I'm hoping it's really fun there. Anyway, I'll go through this season and see what happens through out my senior year.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Animated Storybook computer game...I missed

I couldn't think of anything else to say, but I do have something right now. I have always wanted to get something special for my younger siblings, Sport, Scout, and Curly. This special something is what I remembered that I used to like when I was young like them...The Lion King Animated Storybook computer game. I wish I could get that computer game for them so that they can laugh and play together to learn lots of new things about the Lion King and how it can make them think learning is fun.

Probably for Curly, he'd rather like Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree storybook game, because, he likes Winnie the Pooh, for being a three-year-old just like I used to like Winnie the Pooh when I was his age. And I think for Sport, he'd like the Lion King, because he likes to act like a lion in football. That makes him feel so tough, that no other player would try to scare him. And for Scout, she'd the Pocahontas storybook game, because, she's a girl and she wants to see if an Indian girl like Pocahontas would be a Girl Scout. That's why she likes to be a Girl Scout.

 I don't know if you ever like this, but it's just what I remembered when I was Sport's, Scout's, or Curly's age that ever remembered about Animated Storybook computer games. The Lion King was the only kind I've ever had and I wish that Sport, Scout, and Curly would play those computer games that they learn how to read on there. Maybe if I keep thinking about it all year long, maybe Santa Claus could give those computer games to each of the kids for Christmas. We might see what happens then...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

JB and TS obsession

Didn't you know that some of us in the family have famous singer obsessions? Well, right when we listened to some music from famous singers, I started to think that there were lots of good songs by this country singer Taylor Swift (TS). She always reminded me of social dance class. With me listening to her songs lots of times, everyone in the family thought I was obsessed with Taylor Swift. I kind of am obsessed with her, because she has good songs that I could use to make my own dances.

As you can see, most of the sisters, Teach, Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Scout and Baby Doll are obsessed with this pop singer, Justin Bieber (JB). They are obsessed with Justin Bieber, because they all think he's the most epic guy that they want to date with. And he has a cool song called Baby, because it'd make our baby sister Baby Doll really happy.
I hope you liked my post about obsessions. What is your celebrity obsession? If you have one, that would be wonderful and cool. I even like Justin Bieber, even though I'm a man, but Justin Bieber is really cool and I like to make good dances with his amazing songs, like Never Say Never, Eenie Meenie, and Baby. I guess I'm obsessed with both TS and JB. Those two celebrities are really cool.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

We are kids of Twelve

We are all the kids from Twelve Makes a Dozen. Mom had made her own Twelve Makes a Dozen blog. It talks everything about us. If you want to look at her blog, just click Mom's blog on the right side of my blog. I like to say who we kids are.

This is my first older sister, Bossy. She looks kind of like she graduated from high school, but she was born in 1984, and she is a wife with my brother-in-law, Gamer with her three sons, Bean Dip, Taco, and Burrito. She can be a bit bossy sometimes when Mom and Dad aren't around.
Gym Rat
This is my older brother, Gym Rat. He goes to the gym often when he feels like he needs to. He was born in 1987. This is the picture of him holding a baby who is really tiny. He really likes to work out and get lots of muscles like other guys could.
Drama Queen
This is my second older sister, Drama Queen. She is called that, because she likes to do theater things. She was born in 1989. I've seen her in her high school plays, like Oliver Twist. She still likes to do Shakespeare projects, even when she's only in Cedar City.
This is my third older sister, Teach. She was born in 1991. She is sometimes on her laptop trying to help Mom with her blog stuff. She can really teach others on how to do stuff that they sometimes struggle with. She can really teach a lot of people.
Dog Walker (me)

This is me as Dog Walker. I walk neighbors' dogs. I can be like a total Dog Magnet, but other things I do is Scouts, like I passed off the Robotics merit badge with this robot I made. I was also born in 1993 to figure out the diagnose of me when I got autism.

 This is my first younger sister, Princess. She was born in 1996. She likes to do ballet when she goes to ballet classes and rehearse for ballet shows, like Ballets in the park, or ballet stories, like Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, or Nutcracker. She can really act like a princess even in ballet clothes.

Prima Donna
 This is my second younger sister, Prima Donna. She was born in 1998. She likes to do ballet like Princess does. She can really do a lot of ballet twirls even when she keeps waiting for Pointe Shoes, but her own Pointe Shoes keep wearing out. But she can at least still do ballet.

 This is my third younger sister, Crafty. She was born in 2000. She likes to do crafts like making new baby dolls, draw pictures, or even help Mom cook. Like sometimes, she likes to ask Mom to bake some cookies with her, even on special occasions.


 This is my first younger brother, Sport. He was born in 2003. He likes to play sports, even when he feels like he wants to play. He used to play soccer and baseball. For now he's joining football, and I'm sure he'll love football, even when it's really hard at first.


 This is my fourth younger sister, Scout. She was born in 2005. She likes to do fun stuff, even when she wants to become a girl scout some day. She might look kind of like Scout Finch off of To Kill a Mockingbird. That would be a good play. That I, Dog Walker, could act the part of Atticus Finch. That might happen someday with me and Scout.

This is my second younger brother, Curly. He was born in 2008. He is called Curly, because of his hairdo. He actually likes to play with Sport, even though they fight sometimes when they are not getting along well.
Baby Doll
This is my fifth younger sister, Baby Doll. She was born in 2010. She is really adorable. She always thinks that I'm her favorite brother. Every time I come in the house from some places like school, or scout activities, she always appreciates me by smiling and trying to crawl to me. I even wrote a song about her during Christmas time, called Pink Christmas. It's really a cute song, you would like to hear it.

That's all of us twelve kids from Twelve Makes A Dozen. If you usually forget what are names are, I'll tell you again. Our names are, Bossy, Gym Rat, Drama Queen, Teach, Dog Walker (me), Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Sport, Scout, Curly, and Baby Doll. And remember, if you want to look at the Twelve Makes a Dozen blog, just click on the Mom's Blog square on the ride side of my blog, and then you'll love the actual stories about us.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mom likes Michael Caine

I have always been obsessed about seeing new Disney and Pixar movies. Ever since January, I kept telling Mom and everybody else about the new movie called Cars 2. It came out in theaters on like June 24. And I kept trying to tell Mom and Dad that we should see it in theaters before it comes out on Blu Ray, but Mom and Dad just weren't so sure if they could afford to buy tickets for the entire family to go see, until the day on July 30 that I went to the Charity Race at the Millar Sports Park in Tooele. That's where I rode my bike that I had to go about 50 miles to earn the Cycling Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. I did complete the 50 miler on my bike. It was so amazing to accomplish a goal like that during summer.

Right after I was done with the bike ride, we hurried to get ready to go see Cars 2 for a celebration. One of the voice actors was Michael Caine. My Mom likes Michael Caine a lot, because she thinks he's a great actor. We always have a tradition by watching The Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas time when she's around, because it has Michael Caine in it. It's the reason why I kept telling Mom that we should see Cars 2.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney Princess Project

I have lots to talk about of what I did in school. I had an algebra class whom our teacher has asked us to do a project on graphics and charts. She asked us to ask lots of people of what things they like and it shows of how many votes most people have. I have asked everyone about who their favorite Disney Princess is. Most people have said of who they like.

Some other people like Rapunzel from Tangled, because she's so hilarious and she is kind of a doctor princess, with her magic hair that can heal the sick and injured.

Some other people like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, because she's hilarious just like Rapunzel. She is a financial princess that she's been trying to get her dream restaurant, but ends up meeting Prince Naveen who was transformed into a frog.

Some others like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, because she's like the most coolest mermaid, who wishes to be a human and be with Prince Eric. She's called a Sea Princess that always wanted to see what it's like to be a human.

Some others like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, because she's the princess that didn't die from touching the spindle that Maleficent forced her to, to die, but she didn't. She was just put in a deep sleep.

Most of everyone likes Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she's the most intelligent princess who can teach the beast how to read and dance.

Hardly anybody likes Snow White. That's because she's an old princess back in the 1930s, but she's mostly a singing princess. She can sing beautifully when she needs to when making new friends and for cleaning the little dwarf cottage.

Some other people like Mulan, because she's a Chinese princess who wanted to protect her father from joining the war against the Huns, so she replace him and headed off to that camp with a hot man named Captain Shang.

Some other like Cinderella, because she can dance really modestly with Prince Charming on the dance floor. She's called a Maid Princess, because she's been grounded to her wicked stepmother's house for like all her life, and has been treated so badly for doing all the chores.

Some other people like Jasmine from Alladin, because she is like the most beautiful princess. She can be called a stubborn princess, because she was so stubborn about being forced to get married to someone whom she doesn't like, except for Alladin of course.


Some others like Pocahontas, because she can run really good without feeling so tired. She's also called a Native American Princess, because it's kind of like the actual story about how America exists.

I presented this project to my class and they all thought it was a wonderful project that anyone could ever think of with the charts, graphics, and other stuff. I hope that you like the way I said about each Princess's identity.